Fundraising, a sharp increase in Vulkam’s visibility following the official announcement

At the beginning of February 2020, via an official press release issued by Andrew Lloyd and Associates (ALA), Vulkam announced that it had raised €4.5 million from four investment funds and Bpifrance’s Deeptech program. This resulted in a significant increase in Vulkam’s visibility.

Broad media coverage

A total of 20 articles (online and print media) were published on this news. The list includes specialised press newspapers such as L’Usine Nouvelle, Industrie Mag, The Medicalps cluster or Traitement & Matériau, financial newspapers such as Capital Finance Les Echos, CFNews, Finyear, FirstEco or Fusacq Buzz and, of course, the local daily and economic press such as La Tribune, Le Dauphiné Libéré and Présences Grenoble, l’essor 38.

Already very positive spin-offs

The visibility of the press release is estimated at 85,000 people. The number of subscribers to our Vulkam page on LinkedIn has increased by more than 20% in one month. This brings us to over 350 subscribers. Finally, we have also had very positive repercussions on the visibility of our website. We almost reached 1000 visits this month and 80% of these visitors were discovering Vulkam for the first time.

This announcement also gave rise to several interviews with Sébastien Gravier, founder and current CEO of Vulkam, which will certainly be the subject of further media coverage in the coming weeks.

Thanks to this high visibility and the reinforcement of its teams (+5 people since January and 2 people to come in the coming weeks), the Isère-based start-up is efficiently pursuing its development intending to triple its turnover in 2020.

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