From few micrometers

  • Product line dedicated to general medical devices & instrumentation:
  • Medical devices (class I and IIa) for minimally invasive general or ophtalmic surgery and dentistry, high precision cutting, perforing or grasping instruments & tools.
  • Dedicated to our 3D microthermomoulding process

microforceps zoom


  • Submillimetric parts dimensions
  • Precision +/- 3µm
To a few milimeters

  • Product line dedicated to watchmaking movement & micromechanisms performance: flexible parts, movement parts, gears, microsprings.
  • Miniaturized and extreme-resistance parts.
  • Reduced overall dimensions.
  • Increased durability
  • Dedicated to our 2D microthermomoulding process
  • Product line also adapted for cutting post-processing steps such as LASER cutting or EDM for the most complex parts.

  • Millimetric parts
  • Precision +/-3µm

  • Product line dedicated to highly stressed parts of medical devices such as dental & chirurgical implants: Implantable devices for dentistry, orthopedics, highly mechanically stressed instrumentation, motorized instrument components.

  • Smaller implants & more durable devices

  • One-Step 3D geometries of complex shapes and textures
  • Millimetric to centimetric parts
  • Precision +/-5µm
Until a few centimeters

luentte montre


  • Product line dedicated to Precious or not precious hallmarking parts for jewellery or watchmaking parts: watchcases, rings, leather-goods clasps, earrings, luggage parts.
  • Lighter and more durable decorative parts
  • High corrosion and scratch resistance for a lifetime jewellery


  • A dedicated process particularly efficient in both energy and resources to safeguard up to 80% of the raw material
  • Centimetric parts
  • Precision +/- 5µm

Market fields and Applications

Watchmaking industry, luxury, medical, aeronautics, defense & space: Our Vulkalloys are known for their advantages reached from the manufacturing process as well as for their outstanding properties: mechanical strength, elasticity, tribological properties, thermal insulation, biocompatibility, etc.

Vulkalloys® are therefore perfectly suited for the miniaturization of mechanical systems and the production of miniature components with optimized shapes.

The Vulkalloys® range meets the needs identified during the design of miniature parts such as power transmission parts, springs, watch components, parts requiring a high level of finishing, but also those related to the requirements of medical devices, for surgical instrumentation or implantology.

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