Our Metals

”In the same way that the inventions of steel in the 1800s and plastic in the 1900s sparked revolutions for industry, a new class of amorphous alloys is poised to redefine materials science as we know it in the 21st century” (NASA)

The Vulkalloys®

Changing the atomic organization of a metal = completely changing its properties. Amorphous metals represent a new class of material, with their own specificities that distinguish them from other metals and alloys.

Choosing Vulkalloys means choosing an optimized material and an innovative 1-step forming process for a combination of properties unreachable with existing industrial solutions

VULKAM has developed a range of six industrial alloys dedicated to your performance needs

Vulkalloy® Ni:
Extreme strength and flexibility for miniaturisation and durability

Smaller overall dimensions and 3 times less driving power

Nickel-based amorphous alloys, Vulkalloys® Ni are perfectly suited for the production of micro-mechanisms that require a high level of mechanical properties, geometric and surface finish. Their properties are exceptional: extreme yield strength, hardness and fatigue life, flexibility, non-magnetism, outstanding tribological properties (friction and wear coefficients) and excellent corrosion resistance.

Vulkalloy® Zr-Med:
biocompatible for minimally-invasive surgery

Increased durability of instruments, size reduction for a better recovery of the patient


Vulkalloy® Cu:
unique shaping properties for micromechanics.

High-precision and non-magnetic microcomponents

Copper-based amorphous alloys, Vulkalloys® Cu are ideally suited to produce high-precision microcomponents and micro-mechanisms.
They have excellent tribological characteristics and are non-magnetic.

Developed for Silicon thermo-moulding (proprietary and patented technology), these new metals pave the way for the production of miniature parts with extreme levels of precision, optimised geometries and the design of complex shapes, unique in the world as they cannot be achieved by any other process.


Vulkalloy® Zr-Inox:
Increased Scratch and corrosion resistance with lighter metal

A revolution for decorative parts and weight reduction

The Vulkalloy® Zr-Inox family of amorphous zirconium-based alloys is used for the production of corrosion-resistant decorative parts. Their bright white appearance, light weight and high hardness make these alloys ideal candidates for this type of part.

Highly resistant to corrosion, these alloys represent an innovative, aesthetic and particularly elegant alternative for the production of parts in contact with the skin. This alloy complies with the requirements for nickel release (EN 1811) with a release rate at least ten times lower than the standard limit.

Vulkalloy® Nb-Med:
Extreme resistance for miniaturisation in corrosive conditions

Smaller implants and more durable medical devices


Vulkalloy® Precious:
Stylish and scratch-resistant for sustainable aesthetical parts

A revolution in luxury markets

Vulkalloys® Precious, hallmarking amorphous alloys, have a shiny grey aspect and a hardness twice as high as precious cristalline alloys.

They are compliant with Nickel release standards (EN 1811), and also highly corrosion resistant.
Innovative and attractive, they are perfect for jewelry pieces. Easy to polish compared to precious crystalline alloys, these alloys can also be finished in one or more stages by conventional processes ; thus allowing the manufacture of machinable preforms adapted to all geometries.