From pure metals...
To a technological platform
 High precision thermomoulding process your products

Reducing material losses and environmental impact by 80%

Vulkam has developed a platform technology allowing the implementation of a production process that centrally and strongly integrates environmental challenges:

  • To reduce the consumption of metals and primary resources: “near net shape” processes optimised as close as possible to the final shape (picture on the right, versus “standard shape” on the left)
  • To reduce the energy consumption of industrial processes: Reduced volumes, a almost infinite and noble loop of reuse of injection sprues in production
The losses and waste of resources in raw metals are therefore significant since they are divided by 6 thanks to the Vulkam process, integrating the “near net shape” moulding coupled with the efficient recycling of molding sprues.
This global process, developed specifically for these materials, is fully adapted to the production of miniature parts (a few tenths of a mm to a few centimeters).


It consists of a first casting stage, allowing the production of large quantities of the chosen Vulkalloy® grade with total control over the composition of the material and therefore its quality. The second stage of transformation by thermomoulding allows the production of parts or preforms of variable shapes and the optimization of their geometries.

The combination of the two processes of alloy production and shaping ensures complete control of the process and is a guarantee of the final quality of the parts produced.

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