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From pure metals to your final parts

This global process, developed specifically for these materials, is fully adapted to the production of miniature parts (a few tenths of a mm to a few centimetres).

It consists of a first casting stage, allowing the production of large quantities of the chosen Vulkalloy® grade with total control over the composition of the material and therefore its quality. The second stage of transformation by thermomoulding allows the production of parts or preforms of variable shapes and the optimization of their geometries.

The combination of the two processes of alloy production and shaping ensures complete control of the process and is a guarantee of the final quality of the parts produced.

1. Raw material manufacturing

Vulkam has developed its own semi-continuous casting machines which allow the production of our material while respecting the conditions necessary to obtain an Amorphous Metallic Alloy. These machines allow pure metals from selected suppliers to be melted and mixed before casting the material.

The entire production process is carried out in a controlled atmosphere and the control of the process guarantees the metallurgical quality and homogeneity of the raw material. Our material has all the necessary characteristics to obtain a high quality Vulkalloy part at a later stage.

Our installations allow us to keep pace with your production.

2. Thermomoulding of parts

Vulkam has developed a unique thermomoulding technology to guarantee exceptional part quality. This quality is the result of expertise in metallurgy and mechanics, mastery of high-purity atmospheres, complex flows and high temperatures. The mastery of the process guarantees the quality of the parts produced. The final characteristics of the manufactured parts (mechanical, physical, dimensional, etc.) are guaranteed.

Our thermomoulding process also enables us to obtain parts with exceptional surface qualities and dimensional tolerances at least equivalent to those of machining processes. This characteristic is due to a phenomenon of “shrinkage” extremely low and controlled during cooling. This major feature of Vulkalloys is a major advantage for the manufacture of components with unique geometrical characteristics.

The thermomoulding process developed by Vulkam allows the production of shaped parts with volumes ranging from 0.2mm3 to approximately 1000mm3.

3. Machining

Machining can also prove to be a very relevant means of production, especially depending on the geometries and volumes of the part series.

Vulkam has developed expertise in the machining of Vulkalloys using conventional or more specific techniques. We are therefore also able to offer you parts machined from Vulkalloys preforms.

Vulkam’s machining technologies also enable us to produce parts in volumes ranging from 0.2mm3 to 1000mm3

market fields and applications

Our Vulkalloys® are known for their advantages reached from the manufacturing process as well as for their outstanding properties: mechanical strength, elasticity, tribological properties,thermal insulation, biocompatibility, etc.

Vulkalloys® are therefore perfectly suited for the miniaturization of mechanical systems and the production of miniature components with optimized shapes.

The Vulkalloys® range meets the needs identified during the design of miniature parts such as power transmission parts, springs, watch components, parts requiring a high level of finishing, but also those related to the requirements of medical devices, for surgical instrumentation or implantology.


The field of watchmaking is quite demanding, constantly looking for new materials to increase the performance of watch mechanisms and improve their quality and robustness.

Your components need high mechanical strength, high elastic deformation, low friction and wear, non-magnetic properties… All features combined with high dimensional accuracy and
excellent surface finish. Several Vulkalloys® have been developed to meet your improvement requirements :

The copper-based family Vulkalloy®Cu is :

The nickel-based family Vulkalloy®Ni is :


Vulkam’s dual material-process innovation allows us to aim for excellence in medical and surgical equipment.
Indeed, Vulkalloys® are metals that far surpass TA6V, especially in terms of mechanical resistance. There are no other materials with such resistance in the medical field, and they are perfect for miniaturization.

With several significant partnerships in the fields of implantology and minimally invasive surgery, Vulkam’s technology is poised to become a major player in applications where miniaturization is required. Indeed, the Vulkalloy® Zr-Med developed specifically for the medical sector has exceptional characteristics :

Thus, the Vulkalloys ® aim to significantly improve the medical gesture, both for the benefit of the patient and the practitioner, in order to perform less invasive (implants) and more precise (surgical tools) surgeries.

Aeronautics / space / defense

The search for performance requires the use of materials with maximum properties.

Vulkalloys® offer properties or combinations of properties that cannot be achieved by other materials and therefore represent a first-rate alternative for the aeronautics, space or defence fields. With several ongoing projects and a long-standing partnership in the space/defence field, Vulkam is a partner of choice to co-develop the solution to your problem.

Indeed, Vulkalloys® enable significant improvements to be made to systems and for example :

The sports and leisure industry

The search for performance requires the use of materials with optimal properties. Vulkalloys® offer properties or combinations of properties that are unattainable by other materials to develop unique, miniaturized and high-performance solutions.

Indeed, Vulkalloys open up a wide range of possibilities for improvement, for example :

Do not hesitate to contact us to optimise your miniature parts!

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