About Vulkam

Vulkam is a future world leader in metallurgy. Industrialisation of Vulkalloys, the Vulkam range of metals with its extraordinary properties will set a future standard in metallurgy and metal processing

Our history

Vulkam is a deeptech startup created in 2017, stemming from Grenoble research centers.
Vulkam is based on 30 years of research on Amorphous Metallic Alloys in one of the leading labs in French metallurgy: SIMAP (Science and Engineering of Materials and Processes).
These 30 years of research in the SIMAP laboratory have enabled these new materials to be mastered at a scientific level: understanding of the atomic structure, understanding of their wide range of properties according to their chemical formulation, mastery of the basic requirements for their elaboration, understanding of their forming mechanisms.

The creation of the company is based on the willingness of Sebastien Gravier and Alexis Lenain, the two co-founders, to implement this fundamental knowledge to develop the resources necessary for their industrialization.

As from 2015, the scientific team involved in the development and scale-up of the future startup’s processes was able to forge long-term industrial partnerships with the aim of co- developing industrial solutions.

Our values

Vulkam, as a startup born out of Grenoble’s research centers, has been able to draw on and be fuelled by this strongly scientific and humane culture.

The company has grown rapidly, and we are constantly attentive to preserving the initial values from the outset, those that have become the “Vulkam spirit

pole materiau

The research and development division

Optimization of alloy formulations, improvement of the Vulkalloys® production process. The team develops optimized compositions according to the fields of application aimed

conception process

The Process

From the design of special machines to the manufacture of prototype parts for our customers. The process team designs, develops and optimizes the machines that make up the production line, in order to serve our customers’ projects.

administratif financier commercial

Business, administrative and financial division

Serving both the Vulkam technical team and its clients, the B&A&F division manages and operates the day-to-day running of the company, which is on its way to turning into an SME.

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