Extraordinary metals

Our extraordinary metals : The Vulkalloys®

Changing the atomic organization of a metal = completely changing its properties

Based on this concept nearly 30 years of research carried out at the SIMaP laboratory in Grenoble, France, the Vulkam technical team has developed a range of new metals with unrivalled properties.

Our Vulkalloys® currently comprising 8 different amorphous metal alloys have unique properties that can be optimized for your needs.

The Vulkalloys® are specifically designed for the challenges of innovative industries by opening up new opportunities for your small parts.

Manufacturing processes & added value

Vulkalloys® parts get their incomparable properties from the unique and patented combination of material and process developed by Vulkam.

Specifically designed for these breakthrough materials, Vulkam’s manufacturing processes are patented, and adapted to the production of miniature parts (a few tenths of a millimeter to a few centimeters).

New geometries, , miniaturized design, we assist you in the design of parts and their

The combination of the outstanding properties of our metals with the dedicated processes enables us to manufacture miniature parts with unrivalled mechanical and functional characteristics.

Industrial sectors

The Vulkalloys make it possible to improve the overall performance of the strategic metal parts that compose the micromechanical systems.

By providing stronger, more accurate and smaller parts to the micromechanical industries, Vulkam is already offering innovative solutions for the watchmaking, medical, aeronautics, space and defense industries.

How we work with you

Our teams will guide you to fully benefit the potential of both Vulkalloys and processes to address your industrial

• Metallurgical expertise: Choosing the right Vulkalloy to optimize the required properties for your application.
• Co-design, prototyping and support in the parts qualification process
• Manufacturing of parts, from prototype to mass production

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