Our extraordinary metals: The Vulkalloys®

Strength, flexibility, lightness, miniaturization

Our range of metals with unchallenged properties will set a future standard in metallurgy and metal processing

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Our Technological Platform
From pure metals to your final parts

A unique and high-precision process + complementary steps if needed, such as machining, laser, EDM, polishing, etc.

Specifically designed for these breakthrough materials, Vulkam’s manufacturing processes are patented, and adapted to the production of miniature parts (a few tenths of a millimeter to a few centimeters)

Our Products

Vulkalloys® improve the overall performance of strategic metal parts that compose micromechanical systems.

Watchmaking, Luxury, Medical, Aeronautics, Space, Defense: By providing stronger, more precise and smaller parts to the micromechanical industries, Vulkam is already offering innovative solutions to manufacturers.

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