[Covid-19 // Vulkam]

Due to the strict sanitary regulations taken by the French government, we inform you that the Vulkam offices are closed as of March, the 16th of 2020 and until further notice. The whole team has organized itself to telework and to be able to maintain our activity in the best conditions. This period will certainly have an impact on current customer projects and we apologize for this in advance.

However, our team remains fully mobilized and a progress report will be planned with each of our clients to organize the work in the best possible way, in this difficult context.

We remain of course available for any request for information on our Vulkalloys and their properties: info@vulkam.com

Thank you for your understanding and see you soon!

The Vulkam team

More than metal,
Easy to mold like plastic

The Vulkam process

The Vulkam company

Unique metals and processes…
For the future of microtechnology

Unique, custom-made metals with extreme properties + specific, innovative processes for enhanced micromechanical parts.
Producing small parts that are stronger, more complex, more functional, biocompatible and more durable is part of everyday challenges that require going beyond traditional materials’ and manufacturing technologies’ limits. VULKAM has taken up this challenge, proposing its expertise in joining both the custom composition of new metallic materials known as “amorphous” and the mass production of parts with unmatched properties and precision using molding technologies.
VULKAM offers services ranging from pilot projects to the industrial manufacture of finished parts.

Our offer: From pilot project to mass production

Project mode

Amorphous Metal choice
Choice or development of an optimized amorphous metal for your application.

Prototype’s manufacture for final qualification.

Manufacturing mode

of large quantities of raw material.

Mass production
of final parts for the customer.

Our 4 levels of expertise

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1. Composition

VULKAM offers tailored amorphous metals to address customer’s needs

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2. Alloy preparation

The raw metallic alloy is elaborated by VULKAM through its unique process

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3. Design

Co-design of the final part and mold filling validation thanks to specifically developed numerical code

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4. Parts manufacture

VULKAM’s unique molding process makes it possible to manufacture final parts with unmatched characteristics

Amorphous metals

Amorphous metals (also called “metallic glasses”) possess a specific atomic structure, different from traditional industrial metals that are crystalline. As a result, they exhibit outstanding properties in terms of mechanical strength, hardness, magnetism, biocompatibility… Of course, these properties depend highly on the alloy chemical composition. VULKAM offers the widest range of compositions and thus the widest range of final properties.
Amorphous metals represent key candidates for current industrials challenges in microtechnics.

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The Vulkam process

The Vulkam process is based on two successive steps :
  • Semi-continuous casting of the raw alloy using an in-house developed process.
  • Forming of the final components through molding using a second specifically developed process. The forming ability of amorphous metals is used to obtain highly accurate molded parts with custom surface finishes.

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