Vulkam awarded for the second time “Micron d’Or” 2022 at Micronora 2022 event

“Microns & Nano d’Or” contest:  rewarding innovation

The Microns & Nano D’Or contest is now recognised by professionals as the indisputable benchmark of innovation.

The contest rewards the most innovative micro and nanotechnology products presented at Micronora for the first time.

6 categories are represented:

  • Microtechnology components
  • Devices and sub-assemblies integrating microtechnology components
  • Microtechnology equipment on production or laboratory machines (tools, measuring/control instruments, etc.)
  • Machines for production (machining, stamping, injection, 3D, etc.), assembly (automation, robotisation, etc.) and measurement/control of microtechnology products
  • Micro and nano-system demonstrators and prototypes reserved for laboratories, technical centres and design offices
  • Products integrating nanotechnology solutions

The Microns d’Or are awarded only to exhibitors, co-exhibitors, brands and firms represented at the fair.


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