LAM-17 conference: feedback on an event where Vulkam generated a lot of interest

From August 26 to 30, the international conference on Liquid and Amorphous Metals was held, organized by INSA and the CNRS of Lyon. This conference, which has been held every 3 years since 1966, attracts the best scientists in the field. This year, for the 17th edition, Vulkam had the opportunity to present its amorphous metal alloys with incomparable properties, the Vulkalloys, as well as its manufacturing process because they are breakthrough innovations in the field.

Each year, during this conference, nearly two hundred scientists present the results of their research project. For this edition, our Start-up DeepTech was represented by its Scientific Manager Alexis LENAIN as well as Eliott GUERIN and Bruno LAVISSE, respectively doctoral and post-doctoral students of the SIMaP laboratory, who work in close collaboration with Vulkam.

Vulkam was able to present its unique offer in the amorphous metals sector, focusing on its dual material-process expertise.

This year, through a concrete case study, Vulkam was able to present its Vulkalloys, which represent a wide range of different amorphous alloys. Each metal alloy is specifically adapted to meet complex problems for which current materials have reached their limits. For example, our alloys are more resistant to wear and corrosion than conventional metals, they also have outstanding resistance to cryogenic temperatures and are biocompatible and non-magnetic. These unique properties of our miniature parts are very relevant for industries such as watchmaking, space or medical.

conférence LAM-17 : Exemple de pièces en métal amorphe Vulkalloy miniatures
Example of miniature Vulkalloy amorphous metal parts
LAM-17 conference : Example of biocompatible Vulkalloy amorphous metal parts
Example of biocompatible Vulkalloy amorphous metal parts
LAM-17 conference : Other examples of amorphous metal parts Vulkalloy
Other examples of Vulkalloy amorphous metal parts

Also, during our interventions, we demonstrated the technical advantages of the Vulkam manufacturing process. Thanks in particular to the control of the moulding conditions through the use of a specific digital model, the manufacture of high-quality miniature components is possible and allows us to obtain parts with sizes up to 30µm thick with shape ratios greater than 10.

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A strong interest in our innovations that encourages us in our development

This double breakthrough innovation in the field of metal glasses, which we are continuing to develop in close collaboration with the SIMaP laboratory, has aroused great interest among scientists. Indeed, many questions were asked about the technical aspects related to the production of our amorphous parts and their potential applications. This allows us to validate once again the interest of Vulkam and its amorphous metal parts for the industrial world and to confirm the full growth potential of our DeepTech company for years to come!

It is therefore satisfied and optimistic, but also enriched, that the members of our team have returned from the LAM-17. Indeed, during this event, many researchers meet to share their progress on metal lenses. It is therefore also a perfect opportunity to exchange with other stakeholders and learn from their results!

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