Vulkam, a “Deeptech generation” startup from bpifrance

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On January, 30th, the french government and the French Public Investment Bank (Bpifrance) launched the first “Deeptech Generation Plan” in order to support disruptive innovation and french competitivity.

What is DeepTech?

DeepTech means disruptive innovation, for technological and market aspects.

Bpifrance sets up a 4-criterias Framework. A deeptech company needs to:

  • Have a strong link with French public research institutes
  •  A proven ability to unlock technologicals stakes
  •  Create a real “first-mover advantage” on its market
  •  Deal with a long and complex go-to-market, with capital-intensive expectations

VULKAM, as an industrial startup with great market opportunities and strong technological locks is definitely a “deeptech startup”.

We’re really proud to reflect the French labs’s innovation abilities, and particularly Grenoble’s labs!

You can find the Sebastien Gravier’s itw on the “deeptech generation” handbook (in French) : 

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