Promising first edition for Vulkam at the international MEDICA-COMPAMED trade fair

Medica-Compamed is the world’s largest event in the medical sector. For more than 40 years, it has been on the calendar of all experts. Every year, it attracts more than 5,000 exhibitors from 70 countries in 17 halls.

A very positive first edition of Medica for Vulkam

This year Vulkam participated for the first time as a visitor and achieved its objectives.

To get known to the major players in the sector

We were able to meet many players in the sector and visited the exhibition halls most relevant to our activity.

We also participated in the pitch session organized by IVAM, the international microtechnology network. Xavier Cerutti presented the new range of metals developed by Vulkam, the Vulkalloys®, and their applications in this sector.

VULKAM, a deeptech start-up specialized in the manufacture of amorphous metal alloy components called Vulkalloys®, has developed a unique and innovative casting process. It is able to produce Vulkalloys® parts with higher geometric accuracy than conventional metal parts. These parts also have extremely high mechanical properties. For example, the Vulkalloy® medical alloy is twice as strong as titanium, which is generally used in this sector. This property, therefore, makes it possible to miniaturize the parts (size divided by 2) while maintaining the same mechanical strength. These Vulkalloy®-based components are therefore used in many fields such as the medical industry where we manufacture, among other things, implants and high-precision surgical tools for non-invasive surgery (Minimally invasive surgery).

Vulkam à Medica Compamed
vulkam à Medica Compamed

Better understand the sector and how the Vulkalloys can transform it

The medical sector is a very complex and multidimensional sector. Vulkam is currently positioning itself mainly in medical devices and surgical tools. However, the different activities represented at Medica have confirmed that our Vulkalloys® can also have a strong potential for other activities and this opens up new perspectives for the future.

What about the future?

 It is without hesitation that Vulkam plans to be present again at the Medica Compamed 2020 edition!

We currently have several medical partners with whom we are developing new medical devices and surgical tools based on Vulkalloys®.  One of our 2020 objectives is the ISO certification of our materials for the biomedical industry. We, therefore, hope to be able to present different pieces at the next edition of Medica-Compamed and thus increase our presence in this sector.

To see how our innovative materials can help you differentiate yourself and improve your products? Contact our technical team!


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