How The Energy Of The Vulkam Team Unleashes The Power Of Amorphous Metals

From researchers to entrepreneurs

An article published on 02 February 2021 on the SATT Linksium website evokes the ante-creation stages and the various questions that Sébastien Gravier and Alexis Lenain asked themselves.

The importance of support and the network

Sébastien Gravier met with SATT Linksium, a structure specialising in supporting start-ups. It helped him to ask himself the right questions about the man/life/project adequacy aspect. In 2017, Vulkam is created. It also enabled him to join a network and benefit from the experiences and services of partners.

The Vulkam team

The entrepreneur must master all aspects of his business, both administrative and technical, with a view to being able to delegate. On a human level, Sébastien Gravier shares his vision with his team: “Without it, Vulkam would not exist. Being committed to the well-being of my employees, there is real team cohesion, which creates a dynamic oriented towards the same shared objective. »

The outlook

The first fund raising of €3.5M enabled the industrialisation of Vulkam’s Vulkalloys® range. The markets addressed are those of the medical, watchmaking and aerospace sectors. In 2021, Vulkam will strengthen its R&D, gradually increase production and implement a materials and process quality approach aimed at ISO 13 485 SMQ certification. By 2023, the financial balance will be reached with a turnover of around €20M.

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Comment l’énergie de l’équipe Vulkam libère le pouvoir des… | Linksium

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