Galvano Organo : Vulkalloys®, a Breakthrough Innovation in Metallurgy


Galvano Organo, the reference magazine for decision-makers in surface treatment, publishes an article on Vulkalloys® in issue n°893 – June-July 2021, Microtechnology dossier. The Vulkalloys® range ? amorphous metal alloys designed for the miniaturization of micromechanical systems. From their design to their shaping, Vulkam’s technology is a breakthrough innovation. Focus on one of these alloys, […]

Medical-Design: Vulkalloys® Durable Mining Components for Medical Technology

instruments chirurgicaux

Medical-Design, a German web platform specialised in the dissemination of content on innovations in the medical field, has selected Vulkam and its Vulkalloys® to be featured in this month’s “Trends and Innovations/Materials” section. The article highlights Vulkam, a French company, and the range of Vulkalloys® Amorphous Metal Alloys developed for medical and dental applications, with […]

Vulkalloys®: Benefits of Use in the Aerospace Industry


Published in the June 2021 special issue of Machine Production magazine An article presenting the benefits of using Vulkalloys® in the aerospace industry. Their unique properties allow them to meet the most stringent requirements, including aircraft weight reduction and environmental objectives. The article (french version – 2 pages) below: Machine Production Hors Série aéronautique Juin […]

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