Vulkam was invited to the annual european investors “Tech Tour France Transfer Invest 2022”

présentation techtour 2022

Vulkam is proud to announce that we have been selected as one of the 40 most promising #deeptech startups of the year 2022! we have been recognized as : “high-quality presentation as evaluated by a panel of International Expert Reviewers” The Tech Tour is THE annual meeting of European investors run by Bpifrance EuroQuity – Bpifrance and we are very proud to be […]

Galvano Organo : Vulkalloys®, a Breakthrough Innovation in Metallurgy


Galvano Organo, the reference magazine for decision-makers in surface treatment, publishes an article on Vulkalloys® in issue n°893 – June-July 2021, Microtechnology dossier. The Vulkalloys® range ? amorphous metal alloys designed for the miniaturization of micromechanical systems. From their design to their shaping, Vulkam’s technology is a breakthrough innovation. Focus on one of these alloys, […]

Medical-Design: Vulkalloys® Durable Mining Components for Medical Technology

instruments chirurgicaux

Medical-Design, a German web platform specialised in the dissemination of content on innovations in the medical field, has selected Vulkam and its Vulkalloys® to be featured in this month’s “Trends and Innovations/Materials” section. The article highlights Vulkam, a French company, and the range of Vulkalloys® Amorphous Metal Alloys developed for medical and dental applications, with […]

Vulkalloys®: Benefits of Use in the Aerospace Industry


Published in the June 2021 special issue of Machine Production magazine An article presenting the benefits of using Vulkalloys® in the aerospace industry. Their unique properties allow them to meet the most stringent requirements, including aircraft weight reduction and environmental objectives. The article (french version – 2 pages) below: Machine Production Hors Série aéronautique Juin […]