Medical-Design: Vulkalloys® Durable Mining Components for Medical Technology

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Medical-Design, a German web platform specialised in the dissemination of content on innovations in the medical field, has selected Vulkam and its Vulkalloys® to be featured in this month’s “Trends and Innovations/Materials” section.

The article highlights Vulkam, a French company, and the range of Vulkalloys® Amorphous Metal Alloys developed for medical and dental applications, with their exceptional material characteristics (strength, hardness, elasticity, friction coefficient, biocompatibility…) compared to reference metals. It highlights their application potential (miniaturisation, component longevity, biocompatibility, etc.)

He explains why Vulkam is so differentiated on the market because of its total mastery of its processes, from the elaboration of the material to the production of parts, including the design of its own machines, on a single site. It highlights its success in producing shapes and sizes of parts that are difficult to achieve with other more conventional technologies, guaranteeing incomparable final properties.

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