The Vulkam Process

We have developed a two-step process in which the tailored alloy is first manufactured before being molded to obtain the final components.

Raw material alloying

The semi-continuous casting of the raw alloy is possible using an in-house developed process that respects the critical conditions necessary for the production of amorphous metals. In this machine, we melt and mix pure metals from selected suppliers before casting the material. We carry out the whole process under a controlled atmosphere and finally obtain ultra clean alloy billets of calibrated shape and mass. These billets of material have all the characteristics necessary for the subsequent production of an amorphous part.

Molding of parts

We are able to offer you a complete molding solution because we control the entire production chain. The mold design is carried out in-house, in collaboration with our customers. A numerical simulation tool developed by VULKAM and specific to amorphous metals validates the mold filling and optimizes the design.
Our expertise in high purity atmospheres, high temperatures and complex flows allows us to obtain an unequalled quality of the final parts. The molded parts undergo extremely rapid cooling to obtain the amorphous structure and a fine control of the mold filling parameters must therefore be ensured.
VULKAM’s patented molding machine has the capacity for mass production of unique amorphous metal parts. The finishing of the parts, especially to remove the injection channels, requires a final step that can be carried out in-house.