About us

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Our office has been open again since May 11th. The whole team has organized itself to get back to work and meet your needs, in the best conditions.

Who are we?

VULKAM produces micro technical parts made of amorphous metals with extraordinary properties

The Vulkam society

VULKAM is a deeptech start-up specialized in the formulation of amorphous metal alloys, the manufacture and marketing of microtechnical parts with exceptional properties.

Coming from French research centres, it has distinguished itself from companies in its sector through MISCELLANEOUS  REWARDS. VULKAM currently offers its customers the widest range of amorphous metals and therefore the final properties available.

Working with us

In order to choose the best Vulkalloy®, the amorphous metals with extraordinary properties Vulkam developped for your needs, a first selection is made and the following work steps are needed :

Project mode

The Vulkam’s project team will be your dedicated partner in project mode during which :

  • Customer needs are precisely defined. Compositions are preselected and suggested by VULKAM to best meet your needs.
  • Simple parts are first manufactured with preselected amorphous metals and are evaluated by the customer. The tests results lead to the optimization of the composition and the selection of the best amorphous metal solution.
  • Lastly, molded prototypes with the final geometry validate the material in real conditions.

Manufacturing mode

VULKAM’s production line will enable mass production of molded parts, with unique geometry and properties. To obtain the final part, a final degating step is required to remove gates and runners.

fabrication drawing

Our 4 levels of expertise

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Development of amorphous metals

VULKAM has already developed different amorphous metals based on Zirconium, Copper, Titanium… They satisfy several needs in terms of mechanical resistance, amagnetism, corrosion resistance, biocompatibity… Obviously, we are committed to find the best amorphous metal for your application.

If necessary, we also have the ability to optimize it…

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Production of amorphous metals

VULKAM has developed a patented amorphous metal preparation process.  Several approved raw material suppliers make it possible to produce custom-made amorphous metals.

We are able to mold sub-millimetric to centimetric amorphous metal parts of simple shapes. For more complex geometries, the use of a dedicated mold becomes essential.

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For the manufacture of specific parts, VULKAM works alongside its customers’ teams to adapt the design according to both customer needs and process capabilities. A numerical simulation code specific to amorphous metals has been developed in-house in order to validate the mold filling and optimize the design.

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Manufacture of parts

Amorphous metals are the only metallic materials that can achieve both the same precision as machining and mirror surface by a molding process. VULKAM’s patented molding machine enables the production of amorphous metal parts that are unique worldwide.

They trust us

lynred logo

Lynred (world leader in infrared detectors) is a long-standing partner. VULKAM’s amorphous metals are about to be integrated into the systems developed by Lynred with significant performance improvements.

The technology developed by VULKAM is the result of several years of research within the SIMAP laboratory. The laboratory remains an essential partner.

Vulkam has initiated a collaboration with ANTHOGYR (dental implant specialist) on the development of innovative solutions in amorphous metals.

The CEMAM “laboratory of excellence” is a long-standing support of VULKAM’s developments.

VULKAM is proud to be part of the 2017 winner of the Entrepreneurship Network, the greatest network of entrepreneurs.

Vulkam was incubated within Linksium’s accelerator as a research project from the Grenoble laboratories.

VULKAM is one of the few elected representatives that won the French competition to support innovative technology companies. This award allows us to accelerate our development and represents a label we are proud of.